Brewing Social is Facebook ad agency that specializes in helping festivals sell tickets and grow their events. Just like a beer, a Facebook Ad strategy must be brewed with the right ingredients to make it work.

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Yes we all have a beer in our hand:) All 3 of us come from the beer industry, so it’s just business as usual for us.


Josh Seago

Co-Founder, President

Josh leads the team helping to grow our brand. He has been implementing paid traffic strategies into his own organizations for some time now. These strategies are one of the key reasons he has built his company Lou Dog Events into the premier beer festival production companies in the Midwest

When he’s not growing beer festivals, Josh enjoys spending time with his family in Michigan, exploring new restaurants, and teaching at North Central College. 


Don DiBrita

Co-Founder, VP Operations

Don runs the day to day operation as he manages the client acquisition and campaign processes. He is an experienced digital marketer as well as a Certified Email Marketing Specialist by Digital Marketer.

He has worked with many small and large organizations including major beer brands, and professional sports teams.

Don also teaches in the Business of Beer program at College DuPage where he trains the beer industry on how to use social media and paid traffic to grow breweries and beer festivals.

When he’s not implementing marketing campaigns, Don enjoys volunteering in the beer community and teaching homebrewing courses.


Rebecca Stein

Co-Founder, Account Director

Rebecca wears many hats — From managing client ad accounts and social media, to working on our own content strategies. She helps keep us moving forward.

When she’s not working with clients, she’s at the gym or a good concert.