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Many businesses have Facebook pages. They post pictures on occasion and share their offerings. For the most part, they see little return.

They see that little “Boost Post” button below their posts and they think they are one click away from growing their business 10X.

The results: Nothing

To help you understand what is going on, we need to talk about loss of organic reach.


When you start talking with business owners about Facebook, the conversation typically goes here. “I hate Facebook”, “ I lost my organic reach”…

What is organic reach and why do I care?

Years ago, if you had 1000 people like your Facebook page, it was likely that most of those people would see your posts. That number is your organic reach. As the amount of users grew, it isn’t practical for one person to make it through their entire news feed where they see every post from all of their friends.

Facebook’s changes and why no one is seeing my posts?

They created an algorithm to make sure you are seeing the content that they believe is the most relevant to what you are looking for. This is why you see those wedding pics and birth notices early in your feed. There are typically a lot of comments and likes on these posts, and Facebook is making an educated guess that you want to see this kind of content.

Facebook’s goal is to keep you on the platform and they are going to show you posts that promote this.

This means your business posts are usually given the lowest priority. I wish people came on Facebook just to see my business posts that I have ready to serve them, but it just isn’t true.

Enter the boosted post.

why BOOSTING POSTS doesn’t work

Back to that boost post button I mentioned earlier. When businesses owners saw that their organic reach dwindling, they wanted a way for everyone who followed their page to see their posts.

Enter the “boost post” button.

Now you have to pay to get any kind of reach on your posts, but there are still some issues.

When you hit that “Boost Post” button, what does that even mean? Who is going to see it? Are they someone that is interested in your products?

You are probably sitting there thinking, well of course they are. I’m boosting posts to people who have liked my page before. They are surely my target audience right?

Here is the truth: just because someone likes your page, does not mean that they are your ideal customer. It’s a start, but this isn’t enough information to be making decisions that could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars.


Being successful at Facebook ads has a lot to do with what we call creating audiences. For example, you could create an audience of people who are on your email list by uploading it to Facebook. You could create an audience of people who viewed your website that did not buy. The possibilities are endless.

You can also target other Facebook pages like your competitors.

By creating audiences that have taken specific actions, you can group them together and serve those audiences additional ads that speak to them.

the shift to advertising and WHY FACEBOOK ADS ARE DIFFERENT

Most businesses that don’t run a lot of Facebook ads, think it is like any other advertising medium. In the past, these businesses have likely advertised in the newspaper, magazines, and on billboards. What could be different about Facebook? The answer is…EVERYTHING.

Running Facebook ads isn’t like placing an ad in a newspaper. It’s not a set and forget strategy. You have to monitor the campaigns, look at data, and pivot when necessary. There is a lot going on.

The best part about it is that you can make changes during your campaigns based off of performance. This is something you can’t do with a newspaper ad.

So what does this mean?

It means that every advertising dollar you shift to Facebook, is going to result in a more targeted campaign. This means you are able to scale, pay less per lead, and ultimately becoming more profitable.