Case Study: $21,825 Generated on $1300 Ad Spend. Chicago Beer Classic - Warm Audience Targeting

Case Study: $21,825 Generated on $1300 Ad Spend. Chicago Beer Classic - Warm Audience Targeting

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The Chicago Beer Classic takes place annually at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois. As one of Chicago’s premier craft beer events, the Beer Classic draws crowds from across the Midwest. The event attracts over 8,0000 people annually and is the only beer fest to take place on the grass of Soldier Field.


The 2019 fest returned for the sixth year with a goal to increase ticket sales by 10% over the previous year. Brewing Social worked with event organizers to craft a comprehensive Facebook campaign to drive incremental ticket sales. For this particular ad campaign the goal was to convert 200 additional ticket sales.


A comprehensive Facebook Ad strategy needed to be implemented that utilized data from prior years. For this particular campaign, we utilized the existing warm audiences to market the festival to individuals already familiar with the event.


Before beginning to run traffic, the Facebook Pixel needed to be installed on the Chicago Beer Classic website and ticketing website. Proper installation of the Facebook is essential to creating custom audience and tracking sales conversions.


Since the audience were already aware of the festival, we wanted to test their willingness to purchase from our ad in their Facebook news feed. The event was taking place at the home stadium of the Chicago Bears football team and the images and copy used would feature language and images that would appeal to their fan base.

Warm Audience Used

  • Existing Email List

  • All Website Visitors

  • Facebook Page Engagers


$50/Day ($1300 over 23 Days)


Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 8.58.11 PM (3).png


The campaign launched with an On-Sale Facebook ad campaign targeting existing warm audiences with a daily budget of $50/day. This was a straightforward campaign asking for a ticket purchase. The images used focused on the venue. Typically, images with people convert at a better rate than those without. However, with this campaign, the venue of a professional football stadium converted well.


For this campaign the cost per acquisition was $6.40 per transaction. The average value of each transaction was $107.50. The 203 orders generated $21,825.58. For every dollar spent in this ad campaign generated $16.8.

Cost Per Acquisition

$6.40 (Average Order $107.50)

Tickets Sold

203 Orders (450 Tickets)

Total Ad Spend


Total Purchase Value

$21, 825.58

Return On Ad Spend